Matlab code

The WaveAtom toolbox in Matlab is released under the GNU Public License (GPL). This means that anyone can download, modify and distribute the code for free, under the terms of the license. It also means that the source of any code in which WaveAtom is embedded needs to be disclosed. For this reason, developers of proprietary codes should contact us for a no-strings attached license.

The current version of the Matlab code is 1.1.1 (April 2008). A more recent version of the code (2013) is under the C++ tab. To install, download


and extract using tar zxvf WaveAtom-1.1.1.tar.gz in Unix. A directory WaveAtom will be created. Start with the README file.

Previous versions of the toolbox: 

     WaveAtom-1.1.tar.gz     (August 2007)

The toolbox can be reviewed and rated at the Matlab file exchange website.